At the moment we have the following downloadable demo versions:

CleWin 5 demo CleWin 5 Demo - 64bit (Updated: November 20, 2016, Version 5.3.10)

Bitmap to CIF converter Bitmap to CIF converter (Updated: Version 4.0)

GDS inspector GDS inspector utility (Updated: Version 2.0)

Furthermore, you can download the following true-type font file which was designed by David Elata (MEMS Lab, Technion, and kindly provided for other users of CleWin. The font will significantly reduce file sizes and is designed to prevent small features (e.g. the two islands inside an etched '8') to fly off during sacrificial release.

DEPLOF font (Updated: January 13, 2012)

All demo applications require Windows 7 or higher.
Installation of the CleWin 5 demo is easy: just execute the installation utility. To install the utilities: unpack the zip archive into an empty folder and start the executable.
The DEPLOF font can be installed by copying the font file into the Windows Fonts folder.