Company Info

WieWeb software is a small software company which specializes in the development of technical, scientific and mathematical software. Our main product is the layout editor CleWin.

Contact information:

WieWeb software
Klaas Berninkstraat 5
7556 PL Hengelo
The Netherlands

Fax: +31-84-438-5356

Latest News

July 2016 - CleWin 5.3 released.
Version 5.3 of CleWin has been released and is now downloadable from the support page. This new version contains several changes, most importantly:

CleWin 5.3 is a free minor update for educational institutes and for commercial customers with a support and update contract.

February 2014 - CleWin 5.2 released.
Version 5.2 of CleWin has been released with some important new features like support for the OASIS file format and the use of parameters and snap-nodes in scripts. The latter allows the user to design a library of parameterized symbols that can be snapped together like a jigsaw puzzle.
CleWin 5.2 is available as a free minor update for educational institutes and commercial customers with a support and update contract.

March 2012 - CleWin 5.0 released!
We are proud to announce the release of the new version of CleWin. Since we started with the development of CleWin, more than 15 years ago, the product has evolved from a simple editor to a powerful mask design tool. The product has been very successful over the years and is used worldwide at hundreds of companies and universities spread over 33 countries.
CleWin 5 has an improved resolution down to 1 picometer, full undo and redo functionality, significantly faster rendering of repetitive structures, configurable pre-defined grid settings, more primitive drawing objects (regular polygons, trapezoids), drawing of parent and neighboring cells in the background (CleWin's better alternative to in-place editing), zooming and panning while drawing new objects, and much more. Still, the user interface is as intuitive as before with as little changes as possible.