Bitmap import utility

The bitmap import utility will convert bitmap files (in gif, png, jpg, bmp, tif, and ico format) into CIF format. Simply open the bitmap file and it will appear in the left hand side of the window. The converted result will be shown at the right.

There are a few options that can be selected to control the result:

  • Threshold level – the bitmap is converted to black and white. Here you select the threshold level.
  • Invert – Normally, dark area’s of the bitmap are converted into structures in the output file. When this option is checked the output is inverted.
  • Pixel size – Specifies the size of a pixel in the output file in micrometers. Of course you can also scale the image later in CleWin.
  • Use polygons – If this option is checked the output structures will be combined into polygons. Otherwise the output file will only contain rectangles.
  • Maximum number of polygon nodes – Some programs have a limit on the number of nodes in polygons. Here you can select a maximum between 200 and 30000.